It will be covered in the whole process is described below.

Approx cost of Investment is Rs. 16,70,000.

There is 3 model with investment.
You will need to pay an amount of Rs. 5,00,000 as initial franchise fees.
You will be required to pay an ongoing royalty of 4% on gross sales.
  1. 1 week Initial training
  2. Raw material
  3. Marketing and promotion
  4. New and innovative recipes from time to time
A big yes. Please refer below, the whole process in a nutshell.
  1. Fill franchisee enquiry form online.
  2. Get a call from our manager for a short Q and A session
  3. We will conduct a meeting to get to know each other more. (Here, you can have detailed information about us and we will also assess your strengths , weakness, financial viability and stability.)
  4. If the meeting is a success, we ask you about your company business details so that we can provide you with our franchisee agreement.
  5. After signing the agreement and returned along with initial franchise fees we will visit your site and location.
  6. Soon after you can start with the furnishing and layout work as per the agreement. You will also hire staff for your outlet.
  7. You will get supplier arrangement and initial training at your brand new outlet.
  8. Outlet launch and grand opening. Welcome to ‘Brown Burger co.’ Family.

Brown Burger Co.

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