When selecting the perfect bun for your burgers, there are a few key features to consider. Burger buns should be sufficiently soft and strong to support the patties and all of the toppings.

Crusty buns like ciabatta aren’t the best choice for burgers since you want to bite into the burger and eat every layer without ripping the bread.
Here are the best seven burger buns and why they’re ideal for your next barbecue!

1. Wheat bun

Wheat bun is for people who are health conscious and are fluffy, delicious and healthy. These buns are perfect for that delicious veggie burger you just can’t stay away from.

2. Italian white

The Italian white bun is made up of wheat flour, water, salt, yeast and olive oil. These buns are a perfect starter or appetizer and a better complement to main dishes, soups, salads or sides.

3. Focaccia big bun

Focaccia bun is usually made with a combination of a strong flour, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, herbs, spices, salt, and pepper. These buns are crisp outside and soft inside.

4. Honey and oats

Honey Oat burger buns are made with a combination of whole wheat flour, honey, milk and oats. It’s one of the best options for making a burger with the goodness of honey and oats.

5. Multigrain

Lip-smacking multigrain bread is made from 100% whole grain, oats, ragi and baked with several different types of seeds. These wholesome breads are perfect for making a healthy burger.

6. Classic white bun

A simple white plain bun is quite irresistible. It is the most often used bread while preparing burgers, and they are lightweight, soft, and durable.
Classic white buns are bready yet robust enough to hold your burger without it falling apart. The bread fuses with the burger and its ingredients, making it simple to consume without producing a mess.

7. Brioche bun

Brioche buns are a popular option for burgers and pulled pork sandwiches because of their soft texture and flavor. Due to the fact that they are airy and soft on the inside while having a somewhat crunchy exterior, they make great burger buns.

8. Potato bun

Potato buns are a great accompaniment to practically any burger combination. Although they have the same softness and texture as a normal bun, there is a distinct flavor of sweetness to them as well.

9. Sesame bun

The toasted sesame seeds give flavor to these buns. They are similar to the basic roll and potato bun in that they are light and soft, which makes them an excellent option for burger buns.

If you want a little crunch with your burger, sesame buns may provide that. Although the seeds are so little and prone to come off after eating, they offer just a slight crunch.

10. Kaiser roll

Although Kaiser rolls are bigger than standard burger buns, they make excellent burger bread. They have a soft fluffy inside and a crusty outside, and the additional crispiness on the exterior gives your burger an excellent texture.

11. Pretzel bun

If you’ve never tasted a burger on pretzel bread, you’re missing out on a delicious experience. Burger buns are made even better by the mix of a salty, sensitive surface and a soft, fluffy interior.
Because of its chewy texture, the pretzel bun can withstand the heaviest of patties. The fluids do not make the buns mushy or fall apart.

12. Onion roll

Before you say “No Way,” understand that this is morning food. These are excellent if you find yourself in a pinch and don’t have any buns on hand. Or, more precisely, when you are not in a jam. They’re rather tasty as burger buns!
Toasted English muffins make excellent burger buns because they are delicate, crispy, and their nooks and crannies are ideal for soaking up all of those delectable juices.


When selecting buns for your burgers, you want something light and airy but still sturdy enough to contain the burger and all of its juices without becoming mushy or breaking apart.

By varying the buns on your burgers, you may modify their taste and appearance.

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