Brown Burger Co.
With the increasing love for burgers, especially in South Asia, burger makers are compelled to make nutrient-rich burgers. Yes, believe it or not, these giant pieces of bread with lip-smacking messy stuffing can also be healthy. Many chefs and culinarians use nutrient-rich options. One such option is using “Brown Bread” instead of white bread. White bread is rapidly being replaced by brown bread due to its high nutritional value compared to white bread.

Why is brown healthy?

Brown bread is made of whole grain, unlike white bread. During the mechanical refining of grain, its outer layer bran and germ is removed for making white bread. This is not the case with brown bread. Hence it is rich in fiber and has more nutritional value. The germ and the bran in the brown bread make it rich in minerals and vitamins.
We at Brown Burger Co. are super nutrition-conscious for our beloved foodies. Hence we always serve brown bread burgers.
So next time when you get a hunger craving, don’t forget to check out Brown Burger Co.’s Big Fat Scrummy and healthy brown bread Burgers.


To your pleasure, brown bread burgers are not much costlier than white ones. Though the former is way healthier than later.

Tasty Health benefits

Brown bread burgers are like an oasis in the middle of the dessert when we talk about a weight loss diet or diet plan. Its rich fibrous content helps in reducing weight while keeping you full of vitamins and minerals.

Multifariousness Burgers

There are a variety of burgers float in the market. But the best burger is the one that is juicy enough to make you grab lots of tissue and perfectly grounded with lots of cheese infused. Surely you will get those at Brown Burger Co. Try one.

Brown Burger Co. has around 20 varieties of a burger. Regular ones are excellent appetizers, while Big ones are godlike tongue smashing. Inside of a Veg burger is crispy veggies, with chilly and sauces leaves you stunned. Its tempting Indian Masala Burger is like most vegetarian’s favorite on the menu; we Indians love spices after all. The stars of the menu, “Cheesy cheeseburger, Mexican Burger, Hot Paneer Burger, with crispy and juicy patty inside and savory sauces are a must-try. Hang on!! The menu does not end here. It’s Big Zumbo, and Sassy Burgers laden with lots of veggies and cheese is their famous Burgers. Dragon Burger, Queso Cheesy Burger, Cheesy Jalapeno Burger, Nachos Mexican Burger, Big Paneer, gulp these burgers empty stomach.

WARNING! Brown Burger Co.’s extraordinary Big Burgers will drive your hunger craving to the next level. After eating its jumbo and healthy Big Burgers, you won’t be loving anything anywhere.

Let us not forget that all these burgers are brown bread burgers and super tasty and healthy.
Life is too short to eat healthy Burgers. Cheers to the world of BURGERS.

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