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Everybody craves a cheat meal now and then? But everyone wishes not to have a big belly due to that. What if the solution was to crave healthy and tasty food? There are food companies that make good quality nutritious foods. So you can still have a delicious meal and not get fat.

Unlike the typical street food, who’s one meal counts up to your total calories of the day, a nutritious yet yummy meal helps you keep full and consume fewer calories. A good meal helps regulate one’s mood and helps reduce stress. For a meal to be both healthy and delicious, it should be less in calories and heavenly at the same time.

Here are some of the healthy versions of the drive-thru:


It is only 150 calories, with nutrition values of 4g Protein; 30g Carbohydrates; 2g Total Fat; 5mg Cholesterol; 23g Sugar. People who have a sweet tooth tend to choose this kind of a midnight snack.

This food chain creates adequate healthy food. They make their bread for cooking, making their food a lot more organic and healthy. Specifically, the Godzilla burger, they are high in protein and very less in carbohydrates and fat.

  • Subway

Another widespread healthy food chain. It has the most exotic subs. Subway offers a lot of options while buying their sub. But the 6’ oven-roasted chicken sub is one of the most popular healthy choices of the people. With 320 calories, the sub offers 23g of protein, 46g of Carbohydrates, and 7g of Total Fat and Saturated Fat. 

  • TACO BELL fresco taco

With just 140 calories, this cheat meal provides 6g of protein, 13g of carbs, and 7g of fat. This is the most liked meals of all the people. It is appropriately proportioned in terms of its calorie split, making it more likely to be accepted by the people. 

  • Brownburger BBC

The exquisite combos that the brown burger provides is also one of the most like cheat meals by the people. They have a combo for every occasion and mood. All the combos of the Brownburgers are made with their homemade bread making it more nutritious. 

  • Starbucks 

The spinach and feta breakfast wrap contains 290 calories with 19g of Protein makes it an easy cheat breakfast meal. its is a fulfilling belly meal and can hold you on till the evening.

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